class foxes.output.turbine_type_curves.TurbineTypeCurves[source]

Bases: Output

Creates power and ct curves for turbine types, optionally including derating/boost.


mbook (foxes.models.ModelBook) – The model book


The model book






new(model_type, **kwargs)

Run-time output model factory.

plot_curves(turbine_type, variables[, ...])

Plot the power or ct curve.


Prints all model names.

write(file_path, data[, format_col2var, ...])

Writes data to file via pandas.

classmethod new(model_type, **kwargs)

Run-time output model factory.


model_type (string) – The selected derived class name

plot_curves(turbine_type, variables, P_max=None, titles=None, x_label=None, y_labels=None, ws_min=0.0, ws_max=30.0, ws_step=0.1, ti=0.05, rho=1.225, axs=None, figsize=None, pmax_args={}, **kwargs)[source]

Plot the power or ct curve.

  • turbine_type (str) – The turbine type name from the model book

  • variables (str or list of str) – For example FV.P or FV.CT

  • P_max (float, optional) – The power mask value, if of interest

  • titles (list of str, optional) – The plot titles, one for each variable

  • x_label (str, optional) – The x axis label

  • y_labels (list of str, optional) – The y axis lables, one for each variable

  • ws_min (float) – The minimal wind speed

  • ws_max (float) – The maximal wind speed

  • ws_step (float) – The wind speed step size

  • ti (float) – The TI value

  • rho (float) – The air density value

  • axs (list of pyplot.Axis, optional) – The axis, one for each variable

  • figsize (tuple) – The figsize argument for plt.subplots() in case ax is not provided

  • pmax_args (dict, optional) – Additionals parameters for plt.plot() for power mask case

  • kwargs (dict, optional) – Additional parameters for plt.plot()


axs – The plot axes, one for each variable

Return type:

list of pyplot.Axis

classmethod print_models()

Prints all model names.

classmethod write(file_path, data, format_col2var={}, format_dict={}, **kwargs)

Writes data to file via pandas.

The kwargs are forwarded to the underlying pandas writing function.

  • file_path (string) – The path to the output file

  • data (pandas.DataFrame) – The data

  • format_col2var (dict) – Mapping from column names to flappy variables, for formatting

  • format_dict (dict) – Dictionary with format entries for columns, e.g. {FV.P: ‘{:.4f}’}. Note that the keys are flappy variables