class foxes.models.wake_superpositions.TISuperposition(foxes.core.WakeSuperposition)[source]

A collection of superpositions for TI.


ti_superp: str

The method choice: linear, quadratic, power_N, max

superp_to_amb: str

The method for combining ambient with wake deltas: linear or quadratic

Public members

TISuperposition(ti_superp, superp_to_amb='quadratic')[source]


calc_wakes_plus_wake(algo, mdata, fdata, pdata, ...)[source]

Add a wake delta to previous wake deltas.

calc_final_wake_delta(algo, mdata, fdata, pdata, variable, ...)[source]

Calculate the final wake delta after adding all contributions.


Return repr(self).

data_to_store(name, algo, data)[source]

Adds data from mdata to the local store, intended for iterative runs.

from_data_or_store(name, algo, data, ret_dims=False, safe=False)[source]

Get data from mdata or local store


Add model and all sub models to the keep_models list

property model_id

Unique id based on the model type.


Creates a model specific variable name.

property initialized

Initialization flag.

initialize(algo, verbosity=0)[source]

Initializes the model.

finalize(algo, verbosity=0)[source]

Finalizes the model.

get_data(variable, target, lookup='smfp', mdata=None, ...)[source]

Getter for a data entry in the model object or provided data sources

classmethod reduce_states(sel_states, objs)[source]

Modifies the given objects by selecting a subset of states.