Source code for foxes.utils.exec_python

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import xarray as xr
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

[docs] def exec_python(s, indicator="%", newline=";", globals=globals(), locals={}): """ Executes strings that start with the indicator as python commands, returns one value Example: s = "%p%N=10;p=np.zeros((N,3));p[:,0]=50;p[:,1]=np.linspace(0,7000,N);p[:,2]=119" Parameters ---------- s: list, dict or object The source to by analyzed indicator: str The indicator that trigger python evaluation newline: str The new line indicator globals: dict The global namespace locals: dict The local namespace Returns ------- out: list, dict or object The same structure, but all python strings evaluated :group: utils """ if isinstance(s, str): L = len(indicator) if len(s) > L and s[:L] == indicator: a = s[L:] if not indicator in a: exec(a, globals, locals) else: ilist = a.split(indicator) if len(ilist) != 2: raise ValueError( f"Expecting at most 2 occurences of '{indicator}', found {len(ilist)}: {s}" ) v, b = ilist for c in b.split(newline): exec(c, globals, locals) return locals[v] elif isinstance(s, list): return [exec_python(a, indicator) for a in s] elif isinstance(s, tuple): return tuple(exec_python(list(s), indicator)) elif isinstance(s, dict): return {k: exec_python(a, indicator) for k, a in s.items()} return s