Classes and functions that describe user input data.




Functions for adding turbines to the wind farm.


Atmospheric input states.


An interface to WindIO yaml files.


This package contains functions that can be used to add wind turbines to the wind farm.

foxes.input.farm_layout.add_row(farm, xy_base, xy_step, ...)[source]

Add a single row of turbines.

foxes.input.farm_layout.add_grid(farm, xy_base, step_vectors, ...)[source]

Add a regular grid of turbines.

foxes.input.farm_layout.add_from_json(farm, file_path, ...)[source]

Add turbimes from a json file.

foxes.input.farm_layout.add_from_csv(farm, data_source, ...)[source]

Add turbines to wind farm via csv input file.

foxes.input.farm_layout.add_from_file(farm, file_path, *args, ...)[source]

Add turbines from file.

foxes.input.farm_layout.add_from_df(farm, data_source, *args, **)[source]

Add turbines to wind farm via pandas DataFrame.


All ambient user input states classes can be found here.

foxes.input.states.create_random_abl_states(n_states, ...)[source]

Create random abl states.

class foxes.input.states.SingleStateStates(foxes.core.States)[source]

A single uniform state.

class foxes.input.states.ScanWS(foxes.core.States)[source]

A given list of wind speeds, all other variables are fixed.

class foxes.input.states.StatesTable(foxes.core.States)[source]

States from a pandas.DataFrame or a pandas readable file.

class foxes.input.states.Timeseries(foxes.input.states.StatesTable)[source]

Timeseries states data.

class foxes.input.states.FieldDataNC(foxes.core.States)[source]

Heterogeneous ambient states on a regular horizontal grid in NetCDF format.

class foxes.input.states.MultiHeightStates(foxes.core.States)[source]

States with multiple heights data per entry.

class foxes.input.states.MultiHeightTimeseries(foxes.input.states.MultiHeightStates)[source]

Multi-height timeseries states data.


Interface to WindIO yaml input files.

foxes.input.windio.read_case(case_yaml, site_pars={}, ...)[source]

Reads a WindIO case