Classes and functions that create output from foxes calculation results.

class foxes.output.Output[source]

Base class for foxes output.

class foxes.output.FarmLayoutOutput(foxes.output.Output)[source]

Plot the farm layout

class foxes.output.FarmResultsEval(foxes.output.Output)[source]

Evaluates farm results data.

class foxes.output.FlowPlots2D(foxes.output.Output)[source]

Class for horizontal or vertical 2D flow plots

class foxes.output.RosePlotOutput(foxes.output.Output)[source]

Class for rose plot creation

class foxes.output.StatesRosePlotOutput(foxes.output.RosePlotOutput)[source]

Class for rose plot creation directly from states

class foxes.output.ResultsWriter(foxes.output.Output)[source]

Writes results farm data to file.

class foxes.output.StateTurbineMap(foxes.output.Output)[source]

Creates heat maps with turbines on the one and states on the other axis.

class foxes.output.TurbineTypeCurves(foxes.output.Output)[source]

Creates power and ct curves for turbine types, optionally including derating/boost.

class foxes.output.Animator[source]

Creates an animation from generators that yield lists of artists.